Friday, 16 January 2015

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Exercise during pregnancy have many benefits, exercise keeps the body and keeps your weight increase during pregnancy, and that prepares you for childbirth by strengthening your muscles, and also improve your mood and improve your sleep and reduce the pain of pregnancy, often after delivery makes it easy for you to return to your weight and your body shape prior to pregnancy, so now we will tell you about some exercise can you practice her during your pregnancy, and we’ll give you tips for exercising safely during pregnancy, affiliate.

Exercises that improve blood circulation

1. Walking
Of the best exercises that improve blood circulation to the rack, it is easy to practice walking anywhere, requires no hardware, but it only needs to choose a suitable and comfortable shoes, walk safe during any time of nine months of pregnancy if the doctor decides otherwise by your health.

2. Swimming
It is also one of the best exercises that stimulate blood circulation to the rack, it is easy to play, where to swim make pregnant women do not feel their weight while increasing it during pregnancy.

3. Do some exercise for pregnant women with special trainer
Where you be confident that any exercise you practice him is safe for you, your baby, also appreciate being given if you live these exercises with some pregnant women like you a lot and you will enjoy the intimacy and confidence.

4. Dance
Stimulates circulation, you can do in your home, but be careful of any violent movements such as jumps or rotation.

Flexibility exercises and strength:

1. Yoga
Exercises that maintain muscle strength, maintain flexibility, but yoga program with exercise walking or swimming or any other exercise improves your circulation.

2. Stretching
Great exercises that keep your body in shape and lassitude, and prevents cramping, but also try to exercise any’s ideal exercises that improve your blood circulation.

3. Lifting
You can only exercise if you continually practice attendance prior to pregnancy, you can not skip pills after pregnancy if you have no reason to stop, but with several caveats reduce weights that overloading, maintain your movement slow and control and other caveats.

General Tips for exercising safely during pregnancy
1. check with your doctor first before doing any type of exercise, it may work out for you and do not fit the other, each pregnancy is a special case and are different from the rest of the cases.

2. avoid any violent or dangerous sport.

3. wear appropriate clothing and comfortable during exercise.

4. exercise burns calories, so you must pay attention to your food and maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

5. drink plenty of water to compensate for losses during exercise.

6. do you sleep flat on your back during exercise, because this mode lowers the blood road to your brain and uterus, it might cause you some dizziness, or negatively affect your baby.

7. get up from the ground slowly and carefully so as not to attack for the flop.

8. sport’s ideal until you exhaust, but if I felt any fatigue, stop immediately.

9. avoid exercise until your rise, particularly the temperature increases during pregnancy.

10. make exercise normally, it is easier to stop with exercise and then do it again.