Friday, 29 August 2014

Salim Movie Review Ratings

Salim Movie Review Ratings - Latest Tamil Movie - Public Talk and Opinion

This action thriller has been entrusted in the passive hands of Dr. Salim MD (Vijay Antony), a good human being, capable doctor, but an action star? The reincarnation of the Samaritan, Salim follows rules, feeds the poor, cures the sick, but like his fiancé, the feisty, demanding Nisha (Aksha Pardasamy), puts it so succinctly when she calls their impending wedding off, "There's no pepper and salt"

The first half of the film is spent establishing how unfit Salim is in a world that runs without principle and on the strength of cold, hard, cash. Enough is enough, they've all had it - in the span of 24 hours Salim loses his fiance, his job and finds himself in lock up. After a foiled, clumsy attempt at escape he is caught and on his way to two years in prison when the action star is born.

Salim is now a renegade force to be reckoned with. He hijacks a hotel room with a bunch of juvenile delinquents out to have rough time. No surprise we have the son of the greasy home minister up there among the hostages. Black cats descend upon Hotel White Palace, the cops bring out their sophisticated software and negotiation tactics. Before you know it the humanitarian has become a terrorist and has sent the police force and bureaucracy into a tizzy. And director NV Nirmal Kumar uses the last quarter to tie up the loose ends that were left hanging through the first half and make up for the action and thrill that were missing this far. 

As far as performances go Vijay Antony is a wall with few emotions, even awkward in romance. Aksha is grating and I suppose fulfills what is expected of her. In the three year hiatus I have taken from Tamil cinema, not much has changed in terms of formula. Romantic songs in faraway locales, a decadent item song, thug-like cops and politicians. But Salim does it all with a sense of humour, foresight and subtle twists of plot. 

Verdict Mildly exciting moments of edge that disappear as quickly as they come. Works as a temporary fix of entertainment without much expectations.

Ratings 3.00 / 5
By Catherine Rhea Roy at Desimartini